Recipe Book Ideas

Making a recipe book of all your family recipe books is such a fun way to participate in family history. This may seem a little overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be complicated! There are lots of blank books out there you can purchase and fill out with your family recipes (check these out on Amazon!) but I wanted to create my own. Here was my simple process:


Honestly, this is probably the most difficult part! I started by writing down a simple list of all my favorite recipes that I make on a regular basis, then I texted the list to my mom and sisters and asked which ones they would add to it. Then, I went through and wrote out each recipe in Google Docs. 


Once I had all the recipes typed out, I organized them by type of recipe (breakfast, breads, salads, desserts, etc) then found non-copyrighted photos of some of the different foods and added them in. I shared the doc with my family and asked them to look through and check grammar, formatting and most importantly, the recipes themselves to fix anything I missed the first time around. You can make this as fancy or as simple as you'd like.


Now that I had the hardest part completed, I could easily save the book as a PDF and upload it to any printing company I wanted. I've used a few in the past, but I haven't found one as inexpensive as Lulu so I uploaded my PDF and printed some. 


I surprised my mom with the recipe book for Christmas and included a section that highlighted recipes specifically from her mother-in-law who taught my mom how to cook and died a few years ago. Since I did all the hard work but kept it in a Google Doc, I can add recipes to it easily AND I can share it with whomever I want!

Here's the digital copy of the recipe book I made!


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