Eliza is baptized

We prayed for years that we'd have a little baby to hold and snuggle and we are so blessed we have such a brave, strong, smart, kind, and sweet daughter. I can't believe we are old enough to have an 8-year old! 

I don't remember a lot about my actual baptism day, but I know I was anxious, nervous, and definitely excited. I loved that I got a brand new dress and that all the attention would be on me.
 I found a journal entry that I wrote the day after I was baptized:
"When I was baptized I already had a very good feeling of the Holy Ghost. When I was confrenmd I felt even better. I'm glad I chose to be baptized. I'm trying to read the scripchers and listen to the Holy Ghost. ON Christmas day I hope that I will be glad I chose to be baptized. At my baptism I sang, "When I am baptized" My aunt and dad sang a duet called A Child's Prayer. I'm glad I got to chose the things we did because it wouldn't feel right if someone else did it. On the left back I have my relativs write. After we left the steck center we went to our house. I loved that day."
Some of the things my family wrote me were: " I am so happy for you today! Being baptized is great! You are a sweetheart and remember Heavenly Father is always there for you if you need help"
"Wow, what a special day! This is the first day for you to be a member of the Church. Always remember that Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to be happy. I love you also and want to see you do what's right."
 The coolest part about discovering these journal entries, was reading what my now deceased great-grandparents wrote me: 

"Carissa, we are so happy for your baptism. You are a special sweet gal. Remember how much we love you-We are thankful for the Gospel and we have a testimony of Our Dear Lord and Savior. May they bless and watch over you always." Love from Grandpa and Grandma Stewart.

There's precious few memories of visiting them and I haven't been able to find much information about their lives. They had one daughter, my grandma, who suffers from Alzheimer's and there are few others alive still that knew them. 

Because I have such sweet memories of what my mother encouraged our family to do on my baptism day, I asked all those who attended Eliza's baptism to write her a little note too. I hope they will be precious keepsakes for her in 24 years just like they were for me!


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