Sunday Thoughts: Family History and Temple Work by Quentin Cook

 5 Family History and Temple Work

Along with the talk by Elder Bednar, The Hearts of the Fathers shall Turn, this talk mentions more of the multitude of blessings promised us by prophets and apostles. I get chills every time I study this list as I realize at one time or the other I've prayed for one of these blessings! "As we participate in family history and temple work today, we also lay claim to “healing” blessings promised by prophets and apostles. These blessings are also breathtakingly amazing because of their scope, specificity, and consequence in mortality. This long list includes these blessings:
  • Increased understanding of the Savior and His atoning sacrifice;

  • Increased influence of the Holy Ghost to feel strength and direction for our own lives;

  • Increased faith, so that conversion to the Savior becomes deep and abiding;

  • Increased ability and motivation to learn and repent because of an understanding of who we are, where we come from, and a clearer vision of where we are going;

  • Increased refining, sanctifying, and moderating influences in our hearts;

  • Increased joy through an increased ability to feel the love of the Lord;

  • Increased family blessings, no matter our current, past, or future family situation or how imperfect our family tree may be;

  • Increased love and appreciation for ancestors and living relatives, so we no longer feel alone;

  • Increased power to discern that which needs healing and thus, with the Lord’s help, serve others;

  • Increased protection from temptations and the intensifying influence of the adversary; and

  • Increased assistance to mend troubled, broken, or anxious hearts and make the wounded whole.

If you have prayed for any of these blessings, participate in family history and temple work. As you do so, your prayers will be answered."

What talks or quotes have stood out to you as you've started (or will soon start!!) your family history?  


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